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1How much Tincture should I take?

General suggested dosage is 1-2ml daily, or half a pipette twice per day. This can be either taken at once (suggested in the morning around 15 mins before food) or distributed throughout the morning and afternoon as preferred.

2Should I take a break from taking my Tincture?

We recommend taking a break from any of our Tinctures every 4 weeks.

3Can you take more than one Tincture at the same?
You can definitely take more than one together - creating what's sometimes referred to as the "entourage effect" in herbalism, whereby efficacy can be increased across the board. That being said, we tend to encourage people to start with one or two and build up from there. What we don't want to do is overload the body with powerful compounds it 'isn't used to yet" and cause any discomfort. Also we always recommend diluting in a small amount of water as they are potent tinctures and the taste definitely represents this!
4What does 1:4 tincture actually mean?

Commonly understood in medical herbalism, a tincture is an extract of dried organic matter that has been extracted into alcohol. The ‘1:4’ is the concentration of our final product after triple extraction, i.e. the ratio of dried mushroom to solution extract. Each of our 50ml bottles contain 1g of dried mushroom for every 4ml of tincture – a highly concentrated extract. Essentially, the higher the latter number, the lower the concentration, meaning for instance that much less actual mushroom / herb / root has been used in a 1:20 ratio vs a 1:4.

5How many grams of mushrooms goes into one of your tinctures?

As all our products are created with the mushrooms we grow here at the farm, everything starts with fresh fruiting body - of which, for each bottle, there is around 128 grams. The second step of the process is to dry our mushrooms in an infrared dehydrater leaving us with around 12.8g of mushroom in every 50ml bottle, or 1g for every 4ml of liquid.. 

6How many doses are in each bottle?

There are approximately 62 servings per bottle of 50ml tincture. Taking the recommended dose of 1-2 droppers full 2x per day (that’s a full squeeze of the pipette day and night), one bottle should last a single user between 6-8 weeks.

7How should I consume it?

Our tinctures have been created for oral consumption. This can be done in a number of ways depending on personal preference. Either straight under the tongue and held for around a minute - which is recommended for efficacy as this method skips the digestive tract and allows the tincture to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

However, this may not be the most enjoyable experience as the highly concentrated nature of our mushroom extracts, for some, may be overpowering. If this is the case, our extracts can be dropped into a glass of water, juice or a hot drink such as tea or coffee as part of your morning ritual. Whatever fits your lifestyle and makes it easy to enjoy, some may even wish to add them into soups, salad dressings or smoothies for additional medicinal benefits at mealtime. 

8Are your tinctures safe to use when pregnant or nursing?

Even though our tinctures go through an organic ethanol extraction, meaning there is alcohol present (up to 35%), the amount of alcohol present per dose is negligible. In fact, taking one dropperful of an alcohol based tincture is about the same as eating a very ripe banana. That said - always refer to a healthcare professional if you are seeking a second opinion.

9Will putting the tincture in hot water kill the medicinal benefits?

We recommend letting your morning brew cool very slightly before adding any tincture. As long as the liquid you are using as a base is below around 70 degrees, you won’t lose any bioactive compounds that haven’t already been lost in the hot water extraction process - which is done at 70ºC. According to the barista-gurus, coffee is best served at 80ºC, so a few minutes should be ample to get you to the desired temperature to add some additional medicinal goodness to your brew.

10Are you still producing mushroom powders and capsules?

Short answer: no. Longer answer, still no, but we will be launching a brand new range of powdered extracts in 2022.  We moved away from powders and capsules due to the bioavailability of these products - whereby roughly 50% can be utilised by the body, vs 98% from our tinctures, making them a far superior way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of our mushrooms.

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12Can I switch my Subscription to another Tincture

Yes , you can switch , add to , pause or change the frequency of your Tincture Subscription in the Self Service Dashboard in 'My Accounts - Subscriptions'. If you have any problems then please call customer support on 07449 996762

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