We Do As The Mushrooms Do

As the world changes, and we are rapidly having to alter the way we navigate our existence, we believe we can learn much from the fungi world. Staying connected, listening to the earth, learning to recycle, being energy efficient, and ready to move.

Our objective at The Bristol Fungarium is to grow local mushroom strains that have developed over millions of years in an attempt to be mindful about our impact on the local flora and fauna.

With up to 2 billion ash trees going to perish in the next 2 decades, anything we can do to mitigate the unforeseen consequence of introducing different genetics into a highly complex ecosystem - we feel obliged to do.

That's why over a third of the mushroom strains we grow at The Bristol Fungarium have been cloned from local specimens.

Once harvested, our medicinal mushrooms are then dried in an infrared dehydrator at exactly 34°C to maximise the quantity of bioactive compounds that make their way in to the medicinal range.

We are currently working towards lab testing all of our products in collaboration with University labs, as well as a range of fully organic medicinal tinctures. If you would like any further information in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us.