• Lion's Mane tincture

    Organic Lion’s Mane Tincture

    UK-grown organic Lion’s Mane tincture, cloned in our lab and extracted in the tincture kitchen on our mushroom farm in Somerset.


    We are the only organic certified UK-native functional mushroom producer.

    Lion’s Mane is a saprophytic mushroom with a long history of use in Traditional medicine protocols, as well as being of great importance to the Yamabushi Buddhist monks of Japan for defence and as a tool for clarity during meditation. The benefits of this widely revered functional mushroom have been utilised and continually studied for centuries.

    • UK Native & Sustainably Grown In The UK
    • 100% UK Organic Certified Functional Mushroom Extract
    • Triple Extracted, 1:4 Ratio Mushroom Supplement (Super Strength)
    • Fully Transparent, Ethical & Short Supply Chain

    Bottle size: 50ml
    Ingredients: Dried Native Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol

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    Lion’s Mane Bundle

    New Hot Choc and Lion’s Mane Bundle

    It’s finally happened, we’ve teamed up the cacao wizards at Radek’s Chocolate to bring you our small sweat, family friendly and delicious Lion’s Mane bundle.  The bundle features the recently launched Lion’s Mane Cacao Drink, the expertly crafted Lion’s Mane chocolate bar and our best selling tincture – Lion’s Mane no less.

    Vegan, organic and refined sugar-free, this bundle honours a powerful fungi to which we owe much of our heritage. We grow more Lion’s Mane on our Somerset farm than anyone else in the UK, and for good reason.

    Touted for its ability to stimulate neurogenesis and act as act a neuroprotective agent, it may have the ability to protect nerve cells against damage, degeneration, and impairments of function. Given the high density of nerves in our digestive systems, this mega-mushroom can also nourish the gut, fortify the spleen and heal gastrointestinal tract issues.

    1 x Lion’s Mane Tincture,  1 x  Lion’s Mane Chocolate Bar, 1 x 175g Lion’s Mane Cocoa Drink

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