• Shiitake

    Organic Shiitake Tincture

    UK-grown organic Shiitake tincture, cloned in our lab and extracted in the tincture kitchen on our mushroom farm in Somerset.


    Shiitake, one of the most popular culinary mushrooms we grow, also boasts a great number of health-promoting benefits and has long been used in the traditional healing protocols of China, Japan, Korea, and eastern Russia. Rich in bioactive compounds and known for its beneficial polysaccharides, proteins, and vitamins – especially vitamin D – due to their high ergosterol content, Shiitake’s cultivation technique stems back to ancient China where the mushroom was seen as a symbol of youthfulness and virility.

    We are the only UK-native organic certified functional mushroom producer.

    – 100% Organic Certified

    – Grown in Somerset, UK

    – Triple Extracted, 1: 4 Ratio (Super Strength)

    – Fully Transparent & Short Supply Chain

    Bottle size: 50ml

    Ingredients: Dried Shiitake Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol

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