Bristol Born.
Science Led.
Shop Now The UK's only organic certified medicinal mushroom
tinctures, grown and produced in Somerset.
Bristol Born.
Science Led.
Shop Now We produce 18 varieties of 100% organic mushrooms
that contain compounds of interest proven to enhance
and support overall health and wellbeing.
Bristol Born.
Science Led.
Shop Now 9 of the strains we grow were locally foraged then cloned in our sterile
on-site laboratory to create the cleanest, most potent, and sustainable
products with a transparent supply chain that protects local biodiversity.

Bristol Mushroom Extracts

Our tinctures are all 100% organic 1:4 ratio and triple extracted for maximum efficacy.

  • Festive Recovery Bundle_Reishi Tincture_Organic_Bristol Fungarium
  • Organic Turkey Tail Tincture_Bristol Fungarium
  • Shiitake tincture
  • Festive Recovery Bundle_Chaga tincture_Organic_Bristol Fungarium

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