12 January 2023

Unlocking the Magic of Chaga

Chaga - with over 215 trace minerals that are essential for a variety of mechanisms in the body - is a fantastic supplement for vegetarian, vegan and reduced meat diets. Read on for a deep-dive into the many marvels of Chaga.
10 November 2022

Maitake & Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Maitake was so revered in ancient Japan that it could be exchanged with the Shogun for its weight in silver! With Diabetes on the rise the world over, could Maitake be a useful natural tool for managing insulin resistance?
29 April 2022

Mushroom Tincture or Capsule?

Tincture or Capsule? We compare tinctures with other powder-based supplements, and explain why based on the *science* tinctures are generally better - read on to find out why.
12 April 2022

Functional Mushrooms for Menopause

Whilst are there now a number of medications available to help manage menopausal symptoms, many women turn to nature as their guide, with one increasingly popular option being the wise and wonderful world of medicinal mushrooms.
9 February 2022

Let’s Talk Turkey Tail

Ever wondered what ‘boosting your immune system’ actually means? Turkey tail has been long celebrated for its immune boosting benefits, having been utilised for centuries in the far East as medicine.